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 A new vision.

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PostSubject: A new vision.   Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:40 pm

My friends, I bid you welcome, and hope you read this with the same enthusiasm most of you have given me in your replies over the past few weeks. As some of you may not know, I am Jerec, what I come here for is to offer something, a discussion, a discussion of what you ask? Of the future. The Sith, as a whole and not simply the scattered orders, are a marvel, this culture which has been passed down, not from fiction so much as from the leaders of orders and academies long past, gives us philosophies and ambitions, not simply the desire to levitate rocks or cast lightning from our finger-tips but drive to do great things.

As you may come to find out I am an avid historian, so I will use an example to further show what I mean. Once, a man stood at a cliff at the edge of the Atlantic ocean in what was at that time the province of Further Spain, the man was full of frustration and passion, his frustration came from the fact that he was at his current age far past the age of Alexander the Great when he both built his empire and died. This man's passion, his drive, his unceasing strength made him ascend to the heights of power in the roman empire. As some of you may have guessed I speak of Gaius Julius Caesar, a man who like others in history, embodied the principles and ideals of what we learn and discuss here today.
What I desire to discuss with you those it not the past as I have mentioned earlier but the future, currently the Sith, in all of its minor and major sects and denominations, are scattered and with out order and stability, now some would argue that it is the nature of the Sith of the Sith to be unstable and constantly in a state of chaos, to that I would both agree and disagree, I would agree in that we verbally and sometimes physically duel each other to prove who is superior and more worthy of being on top, however I would disagree in that too much strife and discord will bring us nothing except dissolution.

What I would like is to propose a meeting, of all the senior Masters, Lords, Teachers, apprentices and so on, so that I may confer my vision to them, what I like to refer to as, The Great Harvest, I do hope to hear from as many of you as possible, my e-mail address is, I will also be re-posting this on other forums in the coming days for those who do not check this one, so all who are interested may read.

In closing I wish to thank you for reading this, and I hope sincerely that you join me in bringing a new day to this culture.
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A new vision.
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