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 Active observation

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Lord Zero


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PostSubject: Active observation   Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:57 pm

Over the past couple of months, I have been coming online periodically to see if anything has progressed or taken place on the forum during that period of time. Unfortunately, each time, there are very large periods of inactivity with the occasional posting of new topics and replies by the current members, which does not truly stimulate or breath new life into this small community.

Personally, I had some hope for this site as the creators showed such devotion and promise into trying to establish a new hub of activity for this type of community; however, the only problem is that people are not all active within the same period of time and there is a lack of membership to increase the possibility of overall interaction and communication. I am not saying that it is at the fault of the council, nor that the site itself is lacking in substance; instead, I am trying to make the point that the forum is splintered, which hinders proper communication and development of effective bonds between the members that allows for activity to return to this place.

Anyway, this is merely an assertion, not some sort of strike against the forum or the people in it, but a standing desire to see the same activity return that was established in the very beginning when this forum was created.
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Darth Rathas
Lord of the Sith

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PostSubject: Re: Active observation   Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:52 am

I apologize, as it seems there is uninterest in the people. I myself am still studying the arts as you can never have a limit to knowledge. An appropriate quote would be "Power that does not grow or expand is power that never was." ~ Lord Vidyus Silus. But, It is the fault of all of us that this forum is dying. We need a good ammount of interest. Fear can hold one back, and if that is what is lurking among us, we need it harnessed. Use it on our enemies, not ourselves. Zero is correct in what he says. Now I must appologize, my computer has been....well pretty much gone. It's in barely working order and my phone has been dropped, so it isnt at its best. I will be on more. You have my word. ~ Darth Rathas, Lord of the Sith.
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Active observation
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